Here I will keep a list of various sites or other resources I think are useful or relevant. This is fairly unstructured and I make no personal guarantees relating to these sites – many I haven’t even spent much time on yet so I am saving them here for reference.

Websites – The science behind porn addiction. Lots of articles and free from judgement. This site inspired me to quit porn once and for all. – self-help site whose creator’s story echoes that of mine. Offers free and fee-based support depending upon what you’re looking for. Includes a free to download “Free Recovery Course” PDF.

Mishka’s Life – blog by a wife of a recovered sex addict. Very positive and not doom-and-gloom, with some good resources.

Marlyebone Centre – Internet Pornography

Freedom Therapy


Sex and Porn Addiction Help – “…the home of the UK’s FREE self help recovery resource for people struggling with sex or pornography addiction”

Fight The New Drug (FTND) – “We will not rest until the world knows that pornography is harmful”. Seems more self-promotional than anything else but I’m sure there is some good information to be found.


The following are books I have read / am reading that have helped me with recovery:

Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction

Paula Hall

Amazon link

This book was the first I read on the topic of addiction, and is responsible for kick-starting me into recovery. I even now attend therapy based on Paula Hall’s methods. Fascinating, easy to read book that I highly recommend. Even my wife read it to understand more about what I was going through.

A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps

Patrick Carnes

Amazon Link

This is the book that guides SAA members through the 12 Steps. Essential reading if you are interested in following a formal recovery program.

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