Monthly report: July 2014

I have been recording in a Google Calendar my daily progress. A green 🙂 goes if I did not look at porn that day, otherwise it gets a red X. At the end of each month, I total up the number of days clean as a percentage of total days in the month, with the goal being to see this percentage increase as each month goes by. This is a slightly longer-term view of recovery, rather than just trying to go cold-turkey and then feel like a failure when you slip up (see post Status Update – Taking a longer view for more on this).

So here’s the summary for July 2014:

Porn Recovery Progress - July 2014

The stats

Month Total Days Day clean % of month clean
July 31 21 68%


I generally don’t think I did that well in July. It started off well, which was my best streak from when I first restarted my drive to quit officially (which was on 30th June), but then it started declining throughout the month. Still, it is a line in the sand and something to build upon.

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