Enable Adult Content Block on iOS 7

I’m in the process of locking down my ability to access porn, both at home and away, on all my devices. Each time I think I’ve cracked it, I find another loophole, but I’m getting closed to having a holistic block.

See my last post for my current setup, but I’ve since found another workaround and so I’m investigating further blocks, and one I’ve come across which I think is essential for any Apple device owner to implement is the iOS adult website filter. Enabling this filter does three things:

  1. Prevents certain adult websites from displayed on the device
  2. Removes the ability to enter ‘private browsing’ mode in Safari
  3. Prevents the device’s internet history from being cleared

Numbers 2 and 3 are really clever inclusions, as it means even if a particular adult website can be accessed, it cannot be done so in private and so will show up in the history, which itself cannot be cleared. Any porn sites you visit will be there to see for eternity, which is a very strong deterrent.

Whoever enables the restriction on the device gets to choose a password, which can be different from the device lock passcode (so the phone owner can still lock the device and use it as normal).

I will be incorporating this into my latest setup, as I have decided that device-level blocks are required as well as ISP-level blocks, as described in my last post.

You can see a good walkthrough of how to enable to adult site filter here.

Now unfortunately, there’s one big gotcha. A user can simply install a 3rd party browser such as Google Chrome and simply bypass the above content block! I’m in the process of investigating how to prevent specific apps from being run on the phone, to prevent any 3rd party browsers from being run. I can’t see an immediate way of achieving this without restricting the ability to download apps without the ‘supervisor’ entering the password.

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