Slack Group Code of Conduct

As it is very early days, this page is quite brief, but it will grow in line with the group itself. The purpose is to set the core principles of the group that every member must adhere to, in order to create a safe haven for members.

Mission statement

The group’s purpose is to provide an online chat community that:

  • Allows people to comfortably share their experiences relating to their pornography addiction
  • Is easy to use and available on web, desktop and mobile
  • Is a safe haven from triggering comments and materials
  • Is free from judgement, negativity or criticism
  • Is not aligned to any approach, technique, organisation or other external body

Code of conduct

  1. Under no circumstances shall posted content (embedded media such as images, links to external images/videos or other media, or text posts) contain triggering material. Triggering material can vary for everyone, so some common sense must be applied, but generally triggering material includes:
    1. Images or videos containing provocative or explicit content (regardless of gender)
    2. Names of people, websites, or any other object that is designed to be sexually stimulating
    3. Links to sites that contain any of the above
    4. Commentary about any of the above that isn’t within the rest of these guidelines
  2. Do not express judgement against anyone for what they say, believe or do. Everyone’s behaviour and profile of addiction will be different, and every member deserves the freedom to talk about their experience without fear of judgement.
  3. Under no circumstances reveal any personally identifiable information about another member. A member is entitled to remain anonymous in the group they so wish.
  4. Do not express judgement for anyone’s choice of religion, association with any stated organisations or anything else. While people may share non-recovery related information about their lives, our sole purpose in the group is to discuss and support each other about addiction and recovery. We have no interest in opinions about any topics other than this.
  5. Do not request links, images or any other triggering content from other users

Conversational guidelines

Conversing with people in online groups, especially within sensitive subject matters such as this, can be tricky. Here is a very brief guide on how to engage with people if you aren’t sure:

  • Listening is often better than talking. People will have a lot to share and they will usually appreciate someone asking about their experience.
  • Take a genuine interest in others’ experience while doing so.
  • Use open questions (i.e. questions that don’t require a yes/no answer)
  • Ask emotional questions (“how did that make you feel?”)
  • Don’t try and offer solutions unless prompted. The primary goal of the group is for people to share – none of us are experts and we must be careful when it comes to actually giving advice. What might work for one person may not be suitable for someone else.
  • Check in briefly but regularly. A daily check in just saying hi brings a lot of value to the sense of community.

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