Setting Consequences for Acting Out

Last night I listened to an episode of the Porn Free Radio podcast that talked about setting consequences for when you act out.

Despite trying recovery in various forms for years and year, I had never thought of this. The idea is that you set a consequence that will act as a form of motivation to further help discourage you from acting out. Examples could be “do the dishes for a month” or “no TV for a week”. Not only are these motivational, but if you do act out, you will think about why every time you have to carry out the chosen task.

Here are some consequences I have listed might work for me:

  • No Playstation for a week
  • Cook dinner every night for a week
  • Go to 2 x SAA in one week
  • Get our daughter up every day for 2 weeks

These are all things that I don’t want to have to do (i.e. a punishment), but also will come with some positive upsides, from being more productive, to helping out more around the house.

For now, I’ve settled on “No Playstation for a week”, and I’ve told my wife so she knows and can make sure I stick to it!

Here’s the link if you’d like to listen to the episode.

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