Hello tiredness and stress my old friend

...I've come to deal with you again. Its amazing how quickly I can go from being positive, connected and energised to acting out, and then dealing with the resulting bout of being tired, disconnected and unmotivated. I mean really, it can happen in the space of a few seconds. I can genuinely be feeling great, then … Continue reading Hello tiredness and stress my old friend

June Retrospective: Progress not perfection

Its the 1st of July, so time to take a quick look at my recovery in June. Here's the updated sobriety chart: As you can see, the graph has gone downwards from May to June. That's the wrong direction! Indeed this is true... I acted out 10 days in June and 9 in May, but there's a … Continue reading June Retrospective: Progress not perfection

The importance of having, and sticking to, a routine

Last night I slipped. Today I am dealing with the usual mental repercussions - depression, anxiety, tiredness and horniness to name a few. As always, each time I act out I ask myself why and how it happened and what I need to do differently to prevent a similar situation happening again. This time it was easy to … Continue reading The importance of having, and sticking to, a routine

Porn Addiction vs Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction, according to Wikipedia, has been around since the 1970s, but porn addiction (specifically internet porn) is a far newer concept, not least because of the relatively recent development of technology to make online porn so available and therefore powerful in its addictiveness. During my early days of therapy for my porn addiction, I was quickly and eagerly … Continue reading Porn Addiction vs Sex Addiction

Can a porn addict have legitimate sexual desires?

I had an amazing conversation with a very close friend of mine today. She is the only non-family member who knows about my addiction, and she has been incredible supportive. Not only that, but she's been able to provide some really insightful thoughts, as she has had friends who have suffered from addiction, she too also … Continue reading Can a porn addict have legitimate sexual desires?