Here I will keep a list of various sites or other resources I think are useful or relevant. This is fairly unstructured and I make no personal guarantees relating to these sites – many I haven’t even spent much time on yet so I am saving them here for reference. Where I have personally used the tool/website/book I will indicate so in the accompanying comment.


K9 Web Protection – A good, free content blocker for Mac and Windows. It includes all the usual blocking tools you’d expect, but includes the ability to add a site to the blocked list without being an admin, which is perfect for people like me who ‘self-moderate’. I use this software and can recommend it.

Mobicip – Another content blocker. I use this too as unlike K9 it provides a very good mobile browser. It is key tool for locking down my mobile. It has a desktop version as well, meaning you only set your sites etc in one place and all your devices are controlled. Unfortunately the Mac version is in beta and unreliable, and their support isn’t great.

Balanced – this is a mobile app for tracking tasks. It differs from most task apps in that it doesn’t use specific times or deadlines. You simply tell it how often you want to do a task (e.g. “write in my journal once a day” or “write a blog post twice a month”) and it gently reminds you that you need to do that task soon. It includes some nice motivational reminders too, so has a much more relaxed and friendly approach to task management. I use it to keep track of my daily routines.

Day One – A very good mobile and desktop app for journalling – essential for any addict in recovery! Its not cheap but you can’t put a price on sobriety.

Stop Procrastinating – I haven’t used this but it looks interesting – instead of a formal approach to blocking, instead you use it to turn off the internet for periods of time. Obviously you could just do this yourself but sometimes a little motivation from elsewhere can be a big help. This is certainly not to be considered a mature filtering software, more as a casual motivator to get off the computer.

Websites – The science behind porn addiction. Lots of articles and free from judgement. This site inspired me to quit porn once and for all. – self-help site whose creator’s story echoes that of mine. Offers free and fee-based support depending upon what you’re looking for. Includes a free to download “Free Recovery Course” PDF.

Mishka’s Life – blog by a wife of a recovered sex addict. Very positive and not doom-and-gloom, with some good resources.

Marlyebone Centre – Internet Pornography

Freedom Therapy


Sex and Porn Addiction Help – “…the home of the UK’s FREE self help recovery resource for people struggling with sex or pornography addiction”

Fight The New Drug (FTND) – “We will not rest until the world knows that pornography is harmful”. Seems more self-promotional than anything else but I’m sure there is some good information to be found.


The following are books I have read / am reading that have helped me with recovery:

Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction – Paula Hall (Amazon link)

This book was the first I read on the topic of addiction, and is responsible for kick-starting me into recovery. I even now attend therapy based on Paula Hall’s methods. Fascinating, easy to read book that I highly recommend. Even my wife read it to understand more about what I was going through.

A Gentle Path through the Twelve Steps – Patrick Carnes (Amazon Link)

This is the book that guides SAA members through the 12 Steps. Essential reading if you are interested in following a formal recovery program.

Your Brain On Porn – Gary Wilson (Amazon link)

An interesting, if unproven, theory regarding the science and evolutionary background behind why porn is so addictive.





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