The porn fix vs the sex fix

One side-effect of porn that is widely discussed is that it can interfere with your enjoyment of real sex. Generally speaking, this, fortunately, has not been a problem for me. My sex drive has always been really high and so I always enjoy sex with my girlfriend, and porn rarely enters my mind during it. … Continue reading The porn fix vs the sex fix

Rediscovering myself

This weekend my girlfriend is out of town. I was faced with the prospect of two days on my own, obviously with the goal of not watching porn. This is my first major test. To provide some context, in a similar situation in the past I would have earmarked the entire weekend for porn watching. … Continue reading Rediscovering myself


Saw this infographic posted on facebook today: While related to an entirely different vice/addiction (smoking), which has very different and partly irreversible physical side-effects, it was interesting to see the timescale that the recovery period was being framed in. Recovery from an addiction, be it physical, habitual or mental recovery, can take a very long … Continue reading Time