Enable Adult Content Block on iOS 7

I'm in the process of locking down my ability to access porn, both at home and away, on all my devices. Each time I think I've cracked it, I find another loophole, but I'm getting closed to having a holistic block. See my last post for my current setup, but I've since found another workaround and so … Continue reading Enable Adult Content Block on iOS 7

Blocking porn in my house: how to do it right

When I first started taking my porn addiction seriously, one of my first steps was to implement a content block in my household, to prevent me from being able to watch porn, even if I wanted to. I wrote about the various technical steps in doing this in this post. The basic premise was to apply content blocking … Continue reading Blocking porn in my house: how to do it right


Saw this infographic posted on facebook today: While related to an entirely different vice/addiction (smoking), which has very different and partly irreversible physical side-effects, it was interesting to see the timescale that the recovery period was being framed in. Recovery from an addiction, be it physical, habitual or mental recovery, can take a very long … Continue reading Time