Thoughts on Keith Vaz, by a sex addict

This week UK politician Keith Vaz was outed by a tabloid newspaper for paying two men for sex, and offering to pay for their drugs and take some as well. The paper had met the escorts in advance and encouraged them to film the meeting, and gave them advice on how to do it, obviously in … Continue reading Thoughts on Keith Vaz, by a sex addict

The porn fix vs the sex fix

One side-effect of porn that is widely discussed is that it can interfere with your enjoyment of real sex. Generally speaking, this, fortunately, has not been a problem for me. My sex drive has always been really high and so I always enjoy sex with my girlfriend, and porn rarely enters my mind during it. … Continue reading The porn fix vs the sex fix


Saw this infographic posted on facebook today: While related to an entirely different vice/addiction (smoking), which has very different and partly irreversible physical side-effects, it was interesting to see the timescale that the recovery period was being framed in. Recovery from an addiction, be it physical, habitual or mental recovery, can take a very long … Continue reading Time